The Surprisingly Effective Free Metabolism Booster You Can Use Whenever You Want

The Surprisingly Effective Free Metabolism Booster You Can Use Whenever You Want

The Surprisingly Effective Free Metabolism Booster You Can Use Whenever You Want


There’s nothing more frustrating than doing “all the right things”...

Or even trying more extreme diet and exercise plans…

Only to see minimal results at best… And at worst, no results at all.

At this point, losing weight can feel impossible!

I hear you, and I've been there too. And I’d like to share the free, simple solution I discovered with you. This one tip can make a BIG difference in igniting your metabolism and achieving weight loss:

Start Strength Training.

I know, I know, the idea of lifting weights may seem intimidating or unappealing. But strength training is SO effective at igniting your metabolism… And shedding those stubborn pounds.

Now I'm not talking about bulking up like a bodybuilder. I'm talking about adding strength training into your routine in a way that works for you.

So how exactly does strength training help with weight loss and metabolism? Let's break it down:

First, strength training builds lean muscle mass.

The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate.

That means you burn more calories even when you're not exercising. This is because muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat tissue.

So the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

Second, strength training increases the afterburn effect.

“Afterburn” is when your body keeps burning calories after your workout.

This effect occurs as your body needs to repair and rebuild ‘damaged’ muscles. Studies have shown that the afterburn effect can last up to 72 hours after a strength training session…

Compared to only a few hours after a cardio workout. That’s a BIG win!

Third, strength training helps prevent muscle loss.

With age, losing muscle mass is inevitable. As a result, your metabolism slows down. But with consistent strength training, you can slow down this muscle loss and keep your metabolism roaring.

Fourth, strength training activates AMPK.

(AMPK is also known as adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase.)

AMPK is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in regulating your metabolism.

When AMPK is activated, it helps your body burn fat for energy instead of storing it. This is because AMPK increases the activity of enzymes that break down fatty acids…

As well as increasing mitochondria production, which are responsible for converting fatty acids into energy.

In fact, this is the exact same science that Radiant Boost was built on.

AMPK also decreases the production of enzymes that promote fat storage.

So, activating AMPK can lead to increased fat burning AND decreased fat storage.

Bonus, strength training also helps…

  • Improve bone density…
  • Reduce the risk of injury…
  • Boost your mood and energy levels…
  • And enhance your overall quality of life.

So if you want to reach your weight loss goals faster, I can’t recommend strength training enough.

Now even so, I understand the idea of lifting weights may be daunting.

But strength training doesn't have to mean spending hours at the gym or lifting heavy weights. You can start with…

  • Bodyweight exercises…
  • Resistance bands…
  • Or light dumbbells…

And increase the intensity as you get stronger—simple!

So, all that to say… Exercise is one of the most effective, easiest, and cheapest ways of activating AMPK… Igniting your metabolism…

And helping your body lose stubborn fat once and for all.

But if you simply can’t or don’t want to exercise… This can help.


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